The United Public Safety Front inaugural summit

The United Public Safety Front, a coalition of civil society organisations in the Western Cape will host its inaugural summit this year. A tentative date is set for the 24th March 2018. The summit will bring together 1000 delegates from communities across the Western Cape to discuss the state of public safety in the province.

The Western Cape Provincial Legislature’s standing committee will table the Trauma Centre’s petition for a Commission of Inquiry into child safety in the province in April 2018. Should the Premier fail to establish a Commission of Inquiry, the organisation will host a People’s Commission of Inquiry later in the year.

Currently SAPS and Victim Empowerment Volunteers located at various police stations are participating in training of trauma support workers. The course is aimed at improving trauma support at all police Station. In February, training occurred on the West Coast and George. In March, the metropole regions will receive training.

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  1. Good Day
    Could you please inform me as to the proposed starting time and time of completion of the launch. I have another appointment and need to inform the relevant parties of my possible lateness, due to my attendance at the United Public Safety Front launch.
    Many Thanks
    Johann Koopman

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