Quick News – June 2018

Join the People’s Commission of Inquiry to Child safety in the Western Cape

Our petition for a Commission of Inquiry into child safety in the Western Cape has gained momentum in the Western Cape Legislature. The petitions standing committee met with Trauma Centre and its peers in April and May 2018. The Department of Social Development was instructed to meet with civil society to negotiate a settlement. We met with WC DSD. It is clear that a government-led Commission of Inquiry is not going to happen. WC DSD is open to co-hosting public hearings with civil society. The Petitions committee will meet with us in three months’ time for a final resolution. We have indicated to WC DSD that we will continue with a People’s Commission of Inquiry in the Western Cape.


The Trauma Centre will present at the Youth and Trauma Symposium

This is organised by Chrysalis Youth Academy on 28 and 29th June 2018.


Induction of our interns and volunteers have begun in June

The week-long process will prepare social work, psychology and social auxiliary worker interns for their field work.


The Nelson Mandela Annual Youth Dialogues will take place in July 2018

Watch this space for more information.


Training for laypersons in Trauma Support starts on 29th June – August 2018

This cohort is from Atlantis. We are proud to be partnering with Molo Songolo.

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