HTS Counselling

Survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual violence have access to HIV/AIDS testing and counselling services. The client is required to provide consent for testing which is not mandatory. Clients who experienced other forms of violence have the same rights to access HTS upon request. Clients are tested and receive pre and post counselling. Those who test negative are reminded to return for another test given the waiting period in case the virus might be dormant. Those who are positive are given referral letters to ensure adherence to medication and further support.


Paralegal Support

In order to provide holistic rehabilitation to survivors of violence and torture, we provide paralegal support through information sessions. Individual sessions are also provided upon referral from the client’s counsellor. This service empowers clients to counter impunity. They are assisted to hold their perpetrators accountable for their actions and seek justice.

A series of pamphlets can be found in the Learning Centre to provide clients with legal information needed to understand their rights. Referrals for further legal support is provided to the clients. We refer to the following NGOs:

UCT Legal Clinic

UCT Refugees and Asylum seekers Clinic

Women’s Legal Centre

Legal Resource Centre

Lawyers for Human Rights



The provision of economic opportunities for gender-based violence survivors. WEEP supports participants of the Shelter intervention by providing with further opportunities to gain an intake. Instead of hiring, formal service providers for a range of services (such as catering, incentive products, driving) the organisation utilises the shelter women’s skills and expertise. Opportunities are marketed with other civil society organisations.