Trauma Counselling Clinics


Counselling Intake Form


Child Protection Clinic

Our mobile clinic works with children affected by violence and crime. The intervention targets specific schools in communities experiencing high levels of violence. Each school has access to a counsellor or social worker once per week. Parents and other caregivers are able to access trauma counselling at the school. We counsel learners who have experienced complex and continuous trauma. Children needing counselling but who are not at the targeted schools can access the service through community-based clinics including our offices at Cowley House Woodstock.


Gender-based Violence Clinic

This mobile clinic focuses on survivors of gender-based violence. It prioritizes intimate partner violence especially but not exclusively women and youth. Survivors are screened using a trauma-focused assessment tool. Individual and group counselling is provided to those in need of trauma counselling.


Community-based Clinics

Targeted communities receive access to trauma counselling through partnerships with community-based organisations. The organisation provides Trauma Centre with clients in need of the service as well as space conducive for trauma counselling. The clinics also operate at selected police stations. Currently, we are located in Woodstock, Delft, Manenberg and Kraaifontein. In each area, we work with a number of partners to cover the full extent of the neighbourhoods.


Workplace Clinic

Trauma debriefing, and later counselling, is offered to workplaces for employees who experience trauma as a consequence of crime. Trauma counsellors provide the service at the workplace. Typical cases that counsellors address are armed robberies, hi-jackings, murder or attempted murder. The trauma debriefing uses a two-session model to provide immediate containment to workers with a follow-up session a week later. Often workers require further individual counselling which is arranged through the community-based clinics. We offer retainer contracts to workplaces for ongoing weekly counselling.