Violent Prevention


Due to institutional challenges, our clients need our support to advocate for their rights as victims of trauma and crime. We take on police, courts and other social work agencies, when our clients are not receiving dignified services or justice following their traumatic experiences.

The Trauma Centre is also lobbying for justice in collaboration with the South African Coalition of Transitional Justice which is a non-profit organisation to promote and advocate for transitional and transformation justice in South Africa and internationally. The SACTJ lobbies for implementation of the unfinished business of apartheid, to lobby for justice for victims of apartheid (i.e. payment of reparations and prosecution of perpetrators)

Changing Attitudes

The Trauma Centre staff deal with the painful consequences of violence on a daily basis through our clients. We are therefore resolute to start programmes to prevent violence in long term instead of only providing curative services. We do this by training youth to perform youth dramas on gender based violence in communities. Furthermore, we bring South African and refugee children together to eradicate the seeds of xenophobia. Furthermore, we train community activists all over the Western Cape to advocate for victim’s rights on behalf of victims of crime and gender based violence.