Workplace Clinics

We also offer different wellness packages designed to suit needs of the company.


Face to Face counselling (Often preferred by staff)

Counselling is for employee and dependents living under the same roof

Trauma Centre allocates hours requested by company per week.

Counselling services covers day and night shifts

Easy to book sessions


Conflict (personal/Work related)


Substance abuse etc

Bereavement counselling

Absence from Work

Domestic violence

General indicator decreased efficiency

Poor interpersonal relations with fellow employees.

Group trauma debriefing

COVID19 support programme


A conducive environment for employees in the workplace to perform to their full capacity

Address employees’ social problems in a safe environment to enhance their social functioning at work.

On-site counselling services for employees

Referral to partner organisation’s for further intervention

Human Resources office is relieved from addressing social problems of employees.

Helps anyone who needs advice on how to improve their work/life balance, getting tips on coping with stress or enhancing relationships.

Help employees who needs support on any issue affecting their work and/or personal life.

Development of sexual harassment policy and create awareness within the company by using the services of the Trauma Centre, the company contributes indirectly to sustaining counselling services to the community, and could therefore also be regarded as a CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY contribution.