Anti-Violence Pledge

I believe that peace and trust must first exist within me; I share equal responsibility to create and sustain a community safe from violence; I will start by showing love towards my family; I will not condone violence in any form; I will not commit acts of verbal, physical, psychological and financial abuse; I will not harm myself or others through myself destructive behaviour, I will lead by example; I will seek support from others who are committed to non-violence; I will take action to ensure peace in my home, our schools and communities; I will encourage others to strive for peaceful ways of dealing with conflict; I pledge to contribute towards a community that cares for each other 365 days a year.
 Our Mission

Our Mission

The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture is a non-governmental human rights organisation that utilises inclusive evidence-based healing processes to address the psychosocial needs of our multiply wounded society.

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